Fetch the tikkun-like Torah text for your upcoming Torah reading, now with audio output, including MP3 recordings. Frequently asked questions are available here for this virtual tikkun. Enjoy!

After 8 years of neglect, the MP3 creation capability is now back online as of December 2017.
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Include pushbuttons to view reading-start and reading-end
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Note that the resulting output usually includes a bit more text than was requested, at both the beginning and the end. Therefore, it's a good idea to hand-validate the verses that you will prepare, either by using the provided transliteration excerpt, looking it up in a Bible or Chumash, or by clicking on the "Check reading start" and "Check reading end" buttons which optionally appear on your output web page.

Aliya verse breakdown for Sabbath and holidays with ScrollScraper links, derived from Hebcal.com

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